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ASUCD Senate Briefs

ASUCD Senate meetings are scheduled to begin Thursdays at 6:10 p.m. Times listed are according to the clock at the May 2 meeting location, the Memorial Union’s Mee Room. The ASUCD president is not required to attend senate meetings.


Meeting called to order at 6:10 p.m.


Carly Sandstrom, ASUCD president, present

Bradley Bottoms, ASUCD vice president, present

Liam Burke, ASUCD senator, present

Armando Figueroa, ASUCD senator, present

Maxwell Kappes, ASUCD senator, present

Pamela Nonga, ASUCD senator, present

Felicia Ong, ASUCD senator, present

Alyson Sagala, ASUCD senator, present

Amrit Sahota, ASUCD senator, present

Miles Thomas, ASUCD senator, present

Tal Topf, ASUCD senator, present

Reuben Torres, ASUCD senator, present

Ryan Wonders, ASUCD senator, present

Yee Xiong, ASUCD senator, present


Appointments and Confirmations

Sean Guerra and Amanda Trieu were confirmed as members of Aggie Public Arts Committee (APAC).

Tanzi Jackson was confirmed as a member of Campus Center for the Environment.

Noelle Patterson was confirmed as a director for Project Compost.


Unit Director Reports


Experimental College

Director of Experimental College Peter Neely stated that numbers are rising. He discussed the demo class that they had this quarter and that they want to institutionalize it. They are working on outreach to freshman so that they are informed about what is going on with the unit. He also stated that they are looking into moving to where the bike barn is located now.


Cal Aggie Camp

Anni Kimball director of Cal Aggie Camp reported that they trained new staff members. They are having an event at Whole Foods in June and are partnering with Whole Earth Festical to make tie dye shirts.


Lobby Corps

Karan Singh director of Lobby Corps reported that they are working with assembly members to draft bills. The application for unit director position closed and interviews will take place afterwards. Applications for remaining positions will be left open.


He said that once a bill packaged is finalized, they will host a lobby workshop.


Coffee House

Darin Schluep director of the Coffee House reported that they are either going to come ahead or break even. He reported that during Picnic Day their sales increased by 2 percent in comparison to last year; they had over 4000 transactions in four hours. They broke the $3000 plateau for CoHo South and will remain rent-free for at least one year. They are negotiating having the CoHo South continue to be rent-free in the future too. He said the new CoHo hot dog cart was well-received and they are exploring new locations such as Aggie Stadium and the farmer’s market. They are also looking for vegan hot dog options. On August 19 they will be posting vacancies for CoHo employees. They are looking for 60 to 100 new employees depending on this years graduation rate.


Public Discussion

There was a discussion about the presence of Aggie Hosts at was was supposed to be the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission meeting on April 30 regarding Senate Resolution 30. Some senators and commissioners expressed discomfort at their presence, while others felt their presence to create a safer environment since the topic being discussed was contentious.


Consideration of Old Legislation

Senate Bill 86, authored by Spencer McManus for the ASUCD Senate to adopt the Long-Range Plan for Cal Aggie Camp. The bill passed in an  8-0-4 vote.


Senate Bill 87, authored by Sagala to allocate $1,132.98 for a 16-channel mixer board for Entertainment Council because the mixer board they were using belongs to a unit director who is graduating and they need a mixer board for future events. It passed unanimously.


Senate Bill 88, authored by Rivilis to remove binary gender references from the ASUCD bylaws passed unanimously.


Senate Bill 94, authored by Sagala to increase funding in the community-specific graduation ceremonies. SB 94 originally asked for an allocation of $5,100 from Senate Reserves, but after administration agreed to fund $3,800, they were asking for $1,300. Members of the public in support of the bill attended the meeting and discussed the importance of community-specific graduations for marginalized and underrepresented students. Members of the public in favor of this bill expressed that they felt as if senators against this bill were questioning the merit of it. Senators opposing the bill wanted to see numbers in the budget before voting on the actual bill. After approximately four hours of discussion and with a vote of 6-5-1, SB 94 was re-referred to the Business and Finance Commission.


Senate Bill 84, authored by Kimball to allocate $161.51 from Capital Reserves to purchase a banner for Cal Aggie Camp was passed with a 10-2-0 vote. Thomas and Kappes opposed because they felt that it was too expensive in comparison to previous banners that were purchased.


Meeting adjourned at 3:55 a.m.


Open positions within ASUCD can be found at vacancy.ucdavis.edu. LILIANA NAVA OCHOA compiled the Senate Briefs. She can be reached at campus@theaggie.org. XXX


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