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Campus Judicial Report

Poolside Police
Three students were referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for possessing alcohol in the pool area of the dorms. The students were approached by two Residential Advisors (RAs) who asked the students if their bottles contained alcohol. The students stated that their drink did in fact contain alcohol, which was against Student Housing Policy. The RAs documented the misconduct and also stated that the students would be referred to SJA. When the students met with the SJA officer, they took full responsibility for possessing alcohol when they were not allowed too. The students agreed upon a censure, or a warning, for breaking the Student Housing Policy.

Not off the hook-ah
An RA referred two students to SJA for tampering with a fire alarm in their room. The two students were smoking hookah in their room when one of the floormates decided to tell an RA about the tobacco smell. The RA then proceeded to the students’ room where he found a hookah machine as well as a tampered fire alarm. The two students had been smoking, which is prohibited inside the dorms, and even removed their fire alarm to continue smoking. When the two students met with the Judicial Officer they admitted to tampering with the alarm to smoke the hookah. Both students took responsibility for breaking student housing rules and they both agreed to probation until 2014. This means that if the students break any other rules and are referred to SJA again they will most likely be suspended.

A group of students was referred to SJA for possession of alcohol and inappropriate use of furniture in the dorms. Two RAs were walking around the floor to invite students to a floor social, when they heard ping pong balls bouncing and someone yelling “shots” from a nearby room. The RAs went to the suspected room where they found a group of students with alcohol. Also, the students had moved a closet door to the living room, which was against Student Housing policy. The students were compliant and respectful to the RAs and handed over their IDs to document the misconduct. When the student who lived in the dorm met with the SJA officer, they took full responsibility and agreed upon a censure.


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