84.8 F

Davis, California

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Police Briefs

Bending the rules
Somebody believes college students are vandalizing the “No Parking” sign at the corner of Picasso Avenue and Cezanne Court by bending it more and more so that it becomes increasingly hidden by a tree.

Fair game
Someone was concerned for the welfare of a panhandler and their child as both were fair and in the sun with no protection on West Covell Boulevard.

Surprised party
Four females walked into somebody’s apartment on Cowell Boulevard, but the person didn’t know them and wanted them gone.

Nip in the bud
On Bermuda Avenue, a person has twice found flower petals left at her doorstep in the past few months and believes someone is leaving them there to figure out if anyone is home.

Cause for alarm
Someone’s husband has been out of town and the door to his room left closed, but his alarm clock just started going off for the first time in several nights on Ipanema Place.

Summer’s here and the time is right
A female was dancing and skipping back and forth across Fifth Street, and the reporter suspected she may be on drugs.

Police briefs are compiled from the City of Davis daily crime bulletins. Contact EINAT GILBOA at city@theaggie.org.


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