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Best of Campus News

ASUCD Senator Yara Zokaie steps down
Oct. 30 — Following pressure from within the Association, ASUCD Senator Yara Zokaie, who is currently attending law school at the University of San Diego, stepped down from her position.
Originally reported by Adam Khan

Tuition to increase by $2,400 should Prop. 30 fail, Student Regent says
Nov. 5 — Students faced a tuition increase of up to $2,400 if Proposition 30 failed during the November presidential elections. The proposition passed.
Originally reported by Natasha Qabazard

KDVS receives $36,000 loan from ASUCD for new radio tower
Nov. 20 — KDVS received a $36,000 loan from ASUCD Capital Reserves to fund the radio station’s new radio tower.
Originally reported by Mengshi Shao

UC suspends new logo in face of system-wide opposition
Jan. 7 — Following a 54,000-signature petition opposing a new logo, UC made a decision to suspend its use.
Originally reported by Stephanie B. Nguyen

Pepper spray settlement finalized
Jan. 10 — The Nov. 18 pepper spray lawsuit was finalized, with each plaintiff receiving $30,000 and a formal apology from UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi.
Originally reported by Muna Sadek

UC President Mark Yudof announces resignation
Jan. 22 — Mark Yudof, UC president of five years, announced plans to resign and teach law at UC Berkeley, effective August 31.
Originally reported by Muna Sadek

Explosion at Russell Park leads to criminal investigation
Jan 22 — A UC Davis junior researcher was arrested following an explosion at the Russell Park apartments. He was charged with possession of an explosive, possession of materials with an intent to make explosives and two counts of possession of a firearm on campus.
— Originally reported by Natasha Qabazard

Students launch bi-weekly campus publication
Feb. 19 — The Davis Beat, a bi-weekly publication, made its debut Spring Quarter.
— Originally reported by Stephanie B. Nguyen

ASUCD Senate passes resolution condemning Islamophobia
May 2 — Senate Resolution 25, condemning Islamophobic speech at the University of California, passed senate with a 7-4-1 vote.
— Originally reported by Liliana Nava Ochoa

Davis Dozen settlement reaches plea deal before trial
May 9 — The Davis Dozen, a group of one faculty member and 11 students who were charged with obstructing movement in a public place and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, following protests outside the Memorial Union U.S. Bank, agreed to community service hours and an infraction ticket before their set trial date.
— Originally reported by Muna Sadek

UC Davis to withdraw from UC Student Health Insurance Plan
May 16 — After the discovery of a $57 million deficit in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), UC Davis has chosen to withdraw from UC SHIP.
— Originally reported by Lauren Mascarenhas


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