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Best of Police Briefs

Aug. 15
An unmentionable crime
A burglar entered someone’s laundry room and stole 20 pairs of panties for the second time on Cowell Boulevard.

Aug. 24
Weeding Rainbow
A person was riding a bike through the neighborhood saying he was working with the schools to plant dandelions on Menlo Drive.

Oct. 27
A meaty crime
On L Street, someone ordered veggie pizza only to find that it had chicken on it, and as the restaurant remade it with chicken again, the man thought the employees did it on purpose.

Nov. 9
Rage on, Aggie
There were two party complaints in the same area on A Street.

Nov. 30
Petty theft
A person on Hanover Drive had their identity stolen and the identity thief used the person’s email to send obscene things to the victim’s mother.

Jan. 25
Bathing beauty
Someone was concerned with their neighbor’s mental state as the neighbor hadn’t bathed in years, forcing the person to drive past with their hand over their eyes on Fiesta Avenue.

Feb. 9
Not-so-Jolly Green Giant
Someone was passing by the park on Alhambra Drive with two friends when a male in a moss monster suit jumped out of the bushes and scared them.

March 5
Clearly the right number
There was a hang-up call to the Davis Police Department; in the background were male subjects talking about drinking, driving and smoking weed on Hanover Drive.

April 10
The perfect crime
An unknown suspect entered a home through an unlocked door and stole three MacBook Pros on Apple Lane.

May 19
A guy in a gray tank top, gray shorts, black knee-high socks and black shoes called the police saying he smoked too much weed, had marijuana poisoning and needed their assistance getting home on First Street.

May 23
Bending the rules
Somebody believes college students are vandalizing the “No Parking” sign at the corner of Picasso Avenue and Cezanne Court by bending it more and more so that it becomes increasingly hidden by a tree.

Police briefs are compiled from the City of Davis daily crime bulletins. Contact EINAT GILBOA at city@theaggie.org. XXX


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