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Best Quotes 2012-13

“It would have been nice if the UC Davis administrators driving this case had had such support rather than spending [students’] funds on a petty and ill-fated prosecution. For obvious reasons, they did not.” — The Davis Dozen in an email interview on reaching a plea deal.

“Imagine a world where the free exercise clause allowed people to get out of laws by claiming their religion made them do it. Rastafarians could smoke pot. Jonestown cultists could murder people. And I’d sign up as the first Pope of the new religion, ‘Destroy-all-leaf-blowers-ism.’” — Daniel Watts in his column Watts Legal? on the First Amendment.
“When we did the discussion about this, what we found is that a lot of the constituent groups have the same basic concerns: How safe am I to reveal my sexual orientation, learning disability, industrial or personal injury, etc.? [These] concerns were common across all constituent groups. It was interesting to see how cohesive the questions were because we literally just went, ‘How safe are you about revealing blank?’” — David Ritz, vocational rehabilitation counselor in the department of human resources, on the Campus Climate survey.
“Hate speech affects people on a psychological level, and if you’ve ever been told that your existence, your faith or that your ‘brownness’ is the reason for all evil in the world, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.” — Sonum Saeed, fourth-year psychology major and publicity coordinator for the Muslim Student Association, on the ASUCD “Islamophobia” Resolution (SR 21).
“You develop a sixth sense for seeing glass — I’ve only stepped in glass twice. You just adapt. I walk along the white lines on pavement and try not to get off my bike until I am as close as I can get to my destination.” — Elena Piotter, first-year international relations major, on her choice to never wear shoes.

“People would try to pet his stomach because he tried to roll over, but the costumes’ buns got in the way, so he couldn’t turn over completely.” — Nycole Copping, fourth-year neurology, physiology and behavior major and employee at the CoHo, on Rodney, the corgi mascot for the CoHo hotdog cart.

“There are some students who don’t have stellar GPAs or stellar test scores, but they have amazing stories — life has dealt them a real difficult hand, like the girl who was 14 [years old] and was raising her daughter while still being the student body president … We admit stories — quite frankly, stories of outstanding students.” — Walter Robinson, executive director of UC Davis Admissions, on competition in gaining admission to UC Davis.

“I’m Jewish, so I sat home by myself and then went to Denny’s on Christmas Day.”
— Jeff Ratti, third-year microbiology major, on his winter break horror story.

“The awkward saga continued when I had the entire Target team attempting to find temporary tattoos for me … I told one of the guys who was helping me that I would prefer some with ponies or princesses or something.” — Aggie columnist Marci Montanari on Target etiquette.

BEST QUOTES 2012-13 was compiled by MUNA SADEK. She can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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