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Campus Judicial Report

Do Not Disturb
A student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for resisting police officer orders while under the influence. Two officers were called to the student’s apartment to address loud music after several neighbors complained. The officers approached the apartment and ordered the student to open the door. The student refused and cursed at the officer. She kept resisting the officer’s orders while other students in the apartment pleaded with her to open the door. Finally, after a few minutes, the student unlocked the door and confronted one of the police officers. She pushed the officer and told him to get out of her apartment. The officer handcuffed the student and took her into custody. When the student met with a Judicial Officer, she agreed to be placed on Deferred Separation status, which means that she waives her right to a formal hearing if she is again referred to SJA for any similar conduct. Since the student’s behavior involved serious misconduct (pushing a police officer), the student was not only arrested but also referred to SJA, which maintains off-campus jurisdiction in certain types of cases.

Great Minds Write Alike
A professor reported two students to SJA for suspected collaboration on a quiz. The students were taking the same class and decided to study together for the quiz. Their answers on the quiz, however, were identical and the professor concluded that the students must have collaborated on the quiz. When the two students met with a Judicial Officer, they stated that their similarities came from their identical study sheets, which they asserted that they both just memorized and regurgitated for the quiz. The instructor insisted that she expected their work on the quiz to be original, and the fact that the two students had the same exact answers indicated that their work was plagiarized, in this case from themselves and each other. After some discussion the students agreed to be placed on disciplinary probation until 2014, which means that if they are found in violation again they will most likely get suspended. On top of that, they agreed to complete 15 hours of community service for the academic misconduct. Also, the professor gave both students a zero on the quiz. It should be noted that although students frequently memorize answers on a study sheet and repeat those answers on a test, this “plagiarism” is rarely an issue. However, it may become an issue if other students give the exact same responses you do as a result of having identical study sheets.

The Hangover – Davis Edition
A student was referred to SJA after he was caught on campus under the influence. A police officer apprehended the student after receiving information about an intoxicated student walking from campus toward downtown Davis. When the officer confronted the student, he stated that he was celebrating his 21st birthday, but his friend had left him alone at the bar and he was simply trying to get home. The officer detained the student for public intoxication and told him that he would be referred to SJA. When the SJA officer met with the student, he accepted probation until graduation for his social misconduct.


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