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Davis woman accused of killing her daughter

Aquelin Talamantes, a Davis woman, was accused of killing her five-year old daughter. Talamantes pleaded not guilty to murder during her arraignment in Yolo County Superior Court on Sept. 30.

Authorities claim she drove from her South Davis home on Glide Drive to a relative’s house on Sept. 25 with her unresponsive daughter in the trunk. The daughter, Tatianna Garcia, died later at a local hospital.

According to the Davis Enterprise, Talamantes was involved in a custody battle with her child’s father last year. Both accused the other of abusing their daugher- Tatianna and her younger brother. Talamantes was granted sole custody of her children in July 2012, despite claims from the father that she had an anger problem.

The police investigation began on Sept. 26 at 2:30 p.m. when Talamantes arrived at her relatives house in Sacramento. This is Davis’s second homicide investigation in less than six months. An autopsy was conducted on Sept. 27 but the coroner’s office is still determining the cause of death.

Talamantes is scheduled to return to Yolo County Superior Court on Oct. 15 for her preliminary hearing.

— Paayal Zaveri


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