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Davis, California

Friday, April 19, 2024

City of Davis firefighters picket in front of City Hall

Davis firefighters picketed in front of Davis City Hall on Tues. Oct 1 from 3-6 p.m to raise awareness about recent changes to the fire department that they feel results in declining safety for Davis residents and firefighters.

The press release from the firefighter’s union, L3494, states that the firefighters want to ensure that the citizens of Davis are aware of current and expected changes in the fire department. The union represents the 36 firefighters employed by the City of Davis.

The City of Davis Fire Department (CDFD) has a list of concerns including reductions in staff, lack of a permanent fire chief, increase in overtime hours for firefighters and the possibility of closing the downtown CDFD station.

Bobby Weist, president of the L3494 union said that the CDFD currently has two police chiefs running the fire department and making major decisions. Additionally, Weist said, due to reduced staffing, Davis firefighters have had to work overtime.

“In a normal year before the reduced staffing, 45 firefighters had 5,000 hours of overtime. In the last fiscal year, 2012-2013, 36 worked 18,000 hours of overtime, which is on average 500 hours per firefighter,” Weist said.

Additionally, the CDFD has been collaborating with the UC Davis Fire Department, however a full merger has not happened yet.

“We are trying to get info out to citizens because most don’t know what’s happening and how it will affect them,” Weist said.

— Paayal Zaveri


  1. Please correct me if I’m wrong…
    Firefighters are always doing things that nobody else wants to do, they pick up things that nobody else wants to touch, they help people that no one wants to help, they put their fears aside to help others, they go to work every day with pride of what they do. Why the city management don’t care for them, why don’t treat them with respect and give them the tools to keep helping others. I’m so upset, sick and tired of cities around the California cutting firefighters staffing, making them work over time like they are made of iron. I can just hope this will change soon rather than later, we can wait until a tragedy happens to show our respect for what they do, is not fair to them or their families. City of Davis is so so sad that you don’t want to take care of the firefighters that protect this beautiful city.
    ahhhh feel better


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