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Campus Chic: Mandi Saeteun

“Fashion is transformative.” — Nina Garcia, Creative Director of Marie Claire magazine and Project Runway judge.

Fashion is more than just clothing; it’s an identity. Fashion is a physical form of artistic self-expression and a medium to portray ourselves in different ways, depending on how we feel or how we want to represent ourselves. It gives us the power to channel different egos as well as establish who we are as individuals in a visual and creative way.
As the new fashion writer for Campus Chic, I would like to investigate the transformations of our very own UC Davis students and explore how they have grown into and developed their own personal styles over the years.

Q&A with Mandi Saeteun, 4th-year design major

1. If you could describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?

Classic, simple and sophisticated.

2. How do you think your style has changed since high school?

In high school, I was really into hip-hop, graffiti and that whole rebel/punk movement, so I would wear band tees, graphic tees and paint-splattered skirts and shorts. I would wear the loudest colors and lots of neon. I was that girl. Now, I go for a more sophisticated look and wear a lot more blacks, whites and neutrals. Black is my all-time favorite color.

3. What are your three must-have items in your wardrobe?

Cut-off shorts, sneakers and t-shirts. I’m currently wearing Chuck Taylors, but I also love my Roshe Run Nikes.

4. What is your favorite accessory and why?

My lip ring. If I could wear it all the time, I would just because I feel like it’s a subtle way to express myself. I guess it’s a contrast of who people think I am and who I really am. I think I come off as quiet, shy or sort of reserved but I feel like my lip ring reflects an accurate picture of me. The true me. I didn’t tell my mom and she freaked out when I got it, but it’s just something about the commitment of getting a piercing on your face that gives me that extra hint of rebel edge.

5. Where do you love to shop and why?

I shop at GAP a lot. Their style is very clean and simple and they have good staples like ripped jeans and comfortable cotton t-shirts. They fit well and the quality is good.

6. Fall season is here! What items do you recommend our readers to incorporate into their wardrobe?

I have tons of loose cardigans and oversized sweaters. They’re so classic and comfortable; every girl needs them, especially in Davis when the weather gets super chilly. You can layer them, dress them up or down, put a belt on them — the possibilities are endless.

7. What is your most treasured item in your wardrobe?

These $32 leather moto boots that I found at Ross. They’re just so comfortable and I wear them with everything: leggings, jeans, shorts, whatever. I can’t find any pair of boots, even for $200, that fit as nicely as they do. They’re made from real leather too! I love them forever.

8. What final tips can you give to our fashion-forward readers?

I’m starting to wear more belts now because they give your body shape. I used to never wear belts because I didn’t like how they felt, but now I use them as an accessory and I tuck my shirts in to give a more sophisticated and finished look. If I were to give a beauty tip, it would be my method on how to easily get those loose beachy waves for your hair. To avoid denting your hair, buy a large curling iron with a bigger barrel and curl your hair on the outside of the iron instead of using the clamp. Hope this helps!


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