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Editorial: The Buzz

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We’re sure you’ve all heard about The Buzz; according to their website it’s one of the most anticipated and well-attended events at UC Davis. With all the “buzz” surrounding the event, students expect something fun and exciting. But as soon as they get there, it’s a letdown.

The Buzz is disappointing compared to Welcome Week events at other UCs that  have activities for more than just freshman. Sure, there’s free stuff, but the lines are incredibly long. Sure, there’s inflatable bounce houses, but those are rather expensive. Most students end up wandering around aimlessly or leaving.

Various businesses sponsor The Buzz in order to connect with students. However, their sponsorship takes away from student organizations who would want to use the event to reach out. If student organizations want to be represented at the event, it costs $300 for a table. More student organizations at the event would make for a more friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

UC Davis Student Affairs organizes the event, however Entertainment Council books the performers. In the past couple of years we’ve had performers who are mostly unknown. Truthfully, we’d rather see our own student groups performing. The Buzz could be a good opportunity for student performers to gain some new fans.

Most students like the food trucks at the event, so that’s one thing The Buzz is getting right. Though what would make it better would be more free food and shorter lines. How do you expect to attract college students without free food?

The Buzz is marketed well, but it doesn’t live up to the hype.


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