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Olivia Brown named new ASUCD senator

On Sept. 25, ASUCD Senator Alyson Sagala resigned due to an unexpected early graduation. A countback on last election’s votes have determined Olivia Brown will fill her seat.

“The way the countback system goes is creative media runs the election results and all of Alyson Sagala’s votes, the first place votes, would be redistributed,” said ASUCD President Carly Sandstrom.

All the candidates that ran in last year’s fall election were asked by the Elections Committee if they would participate in the countback, which was conducted earlier this week.

Olivia Brown, one of the candidates in the election last fall from the SMART slate, had received the highest amount of votes.

“I hope to complete any unfinished platforms, special projects, or goals of Senator Sagala, uphold the beliefs of SMART, and remain an advocate for student needs on our diverse campus,” Brown said in an email interview.

Alyson Sagala, former ASUCD Senator, resigned last week due to financial reasons that required her to graduate early.

“Alyson has accomplished more in her two quarters as Senator than most have in their full year. I am very proud of the work we have done together as activists and advocates,” ASUCD Senator Armando Figueroa said.

Sagala was an advocate for extending Unitrans operation hours on Friday nights, worked with the Entertainment Council to have better shows on campus and created venues that allowed students to voice their opinions and feelings.

The last bill that Sagala introduced as a senator, SB 127, overrode the presidential veto at the first Senate meeting Sept. 26.

“I think that she (Sagala) definitely left her mark on the rest of the table and I hope that will continuously inspire the rest of us to strive to do our best with our jobs for the duration of the time we have left in office,” said ASUCD Senator Felicia Ong.

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