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Friday, March 1, 2024

TAPS: Stop increasing prices

UC Davis’ Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) department recently raised permit prices. All monthly permits increased by $2 and daily parking prices increased by $1, as if they weren’t already expensive enough.

TAPS attributed the need to increase prices to reduced number of permit sales over the last four years. Perhaps a plausible reason for the decrease in permit sales is permit prices were too high in the first place.

Increased operating costs of TAPS programs and services were also cited as a reason to increase permit prices. What exactly are these programs and services? And do they even benefit students and faculty? We want this information made available to the curious campus community.

$3.4 million from the TAPS operating budget is said to go to maintaining and renovating parking structures, yet finding a parking spot at the major parking structures is nearly impossible during the day.

There may be enough permits sold per spots, however it seem like high-demand spots weren’t taken into consideration.

Additionally, TAPS states that their goClub program is one factor that led to reduced revenue from parking permits. The goClub program promotes alternative transportation to driving such as: carpooling, biking, walking or busing.

While those are great alternatives to driving and we support using alternate methods of transportation, TAPS shouldn’t be punishing students and staff for a program they implemented.

If TAPS wants to increase parking permit prices it would be nice if they would use those funds to install more bike parking around campus.

TAPS has said another price hike is pending for the next year. Given that students and staff reacted negatively to the most recent increase, another will not be well received.


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