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Friday, February 23, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Regarding TAPS

In regard to the Oct. 10 issue of the California Aggie and the “TAPS increases parking prices for 2013-2014” article, I am questioning the facts reported by TAPS resulting in the increased parking prices.

Although I understand that fewer permits being sold can certainly contribute to the need to raise prices, I also understand that permit prices may need to be raised to assist with the 20% salary increase of [Transportation Demand and Marketing Coordinator] Leslie Mancebo. As a UC employee, Mancebo’s salary data is public knowledge; thus her 2011 salary of $44,770.00 increased by $8,972 to $53,724 in 2012. This increase seems to be significantly above and beyond the typical UC Davis employee salary increase.

Within the article, TAPS failed to disclose how many fewer permits invoked this rate increase.  Instead, TAPS seemingly uses a magician’s sleight of hand and quotes other less-specific figures (such as the annual budget and the number of increased goClub memberships) as a diversion away from what they specifically claim to be the major contributor to the increased rates. This makes it seem like TAPS is hiding something, possibly the real reasons behind their rate hike. Perhaps some investigative journalism is required here to bring the truth to light.

Aren’t staff and students entitled to know how many fewer permits were sold between 2011 and 2012? I want to know these figures so I can to plug the numbers myself and see if they really add up to the sum that TAPS says they do.

– Anonymous UC employee and parking permit holder



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