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Third Space has new theory, new Space

Third Space, located at 946 Olive Dr., is a multipurpose venue that provides a variety of artists, musicians and entrepreneurs the opportunity to create and share their works in a collective, community environment.

Third Space was founded after current director Lauren Norton began looking for a new venue for the Davis Flea Market. Hoping to expand the site into a multipurpose venue, Norton teamed up with current artistic director Evan Clayburg who, at the time, was looking to provide a space for an art collective he helped jumpstart. Clayburg became involved with the project in spring of 2013 when Norton reached out in hopes of creating what is now Third Space.

“I had discovered this building and was thinking about it as a Flea Market space but I definitely wanted to see all the things that are currently happening here, but I didn’t have the manpower or the time. So I called up Evan and he told me he had this art collective that needed a space and it just came together very opportunely,” said Norton.

Comprised of independent artists and educators who pay a small fee for membership, Third Space Art Collective provides a dedicated art studio space for participants. It allows them to create, hold workshops, use shared equipment, propose music and art events and showcase work at monthly gallery openings.

“We have about 10-15 members in the Collective right now,” said Clayburg. “We have a small sectioned-off art studio space where our artists can come and work, and a large opened shared space where DIY workshops emphasize affordable and accessible ways of making art.”

Third Space is also a live music venue that hosts a variety of local and touring musicians. Shows are put on twice a week and there is a $5 suggested donation at the door.

Third Space receives requests from bands daily, all of which are reviewed and coordinated by Sally Hensel, the events coordinator for Third Space. Her previous experience booking shows in and around the Davis area has provided the venue with many notable upcoming performers.

One of the acts that Norton is particularly excited about is the upcoming Oct. 24 performance of Jeremy Messersmith, whose album Reluctant Graveyard was named in the top ten albums of 2010 by NPR.

Another future performer is acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Mick Flannery, who will be making his Central Valley debut on Nov. 15 at Third Space.

In addition to hosting acclaimed performers, Third Space strives to provide a safe, low cost venue to the Davis community.

Its location has created a budding relationship with local businesses, something that was not the case with other venues that Hensel has worked with.

“I was doing shows at the Bike Collective and that venue was shut down after complaints from neighbors, so then we moved what was happening at the Bike Collective over to Third Space,” Hensel said. “Ever since then we haven’t had a complaint and the community has been really supportive of what we are doing.”

But in order to maintain this burgeoning artistic environment, Third Space needs support. They are now seeking interns and are inviting any student organization on campus to come hold meetings at their locale.

For more information about show times, the Davis Flea Market, or the Art Collective visit www.thirdspace.com.

COLEMAN SAWYER can be reached at arts@aggie.org.


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