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KDVS to host first house comedy show of year

Davis’ local radio station, KDVS 90.3 FM, will be hosting their first house comedy show of the school year on Nov. 7. The show is called “F***in’ Funny” and will be held at the Robot Rocket Residence on M Street.

The event is a showcase of some of the best local standup comedians and is a way for students in Davis to get their comedy fill without trekking to Sacramento or San Francisco.

“F***in’ Funny” was started a few years ago by UC Davis alumna and comedian Allison Stevenson. When Stevenson graduated, former KDVS DJ and Comedy Spot Comedian in Sacramento Mike Cella decided to rekindle the event but kept true to its original house show format.

The event was originally held in a house on Pole Line Road and occasionally at other venues in and around downtown Davis. The house setting was chosen to allow for show-goers to have a comfortable place to laugh and blow off steam.

The new venue, Robot Rocket Residence, traditionally opens its space for musicians and bands to perform.

“We started doing the show at a house on Pole Line in Davis. We had the show in the living room with people backed up to the wall,” Cella said. “It’s very informal. I like having the show in a house because the vibe is pretty laid back and the setting is intimate.”

The event usually features seven to 10 local comedians and a prominent headliner from the Bay Area. Comedian Ray Molina will be headlining the Nov. 7 show.

Molina recently finished up Comedy Central’s “Up Next” comedy competition in which he was a semi-finalist. Molina has opened for big names such as Zach Galifianakis, Maria Bamford and Marc Maron. He prides himself on a feel-good variety of comedy, a characteristic somewhat unique to the standup community.

“I am looking forward to seeing a lot of people there,” Molina said. “When I perform I want people to feel good about themselves.”

Other performers to be featured are Andrew Holmgren, David Gborie, Anna Seregina and Darby Herms. The show will also consist of giveaways and musical interludes by third-year English major Matt Stalcup.

Cella will be co-hosting the event along with comedian and Robot Rocket resident Jaclyn Weiand. Both hosts will be offering short comic sets of their own.

Cella has hosted the event before, while Weiand usually performs comedy acts. Weiand started doing standup in Sacramento a year ago and has done sets at past house comedy events in Davis.

“[F***in’ Funny is] really a different kind of performance. Davis people don’t know to come out to Sacramento to see comedy so they’re really happy to be at this show and it’s a really fun place to perform,” Weiand said.

Admittance to “F***in’ Funny” is free. The show starts at 8 p.m. and will be held in the backyard, weather permitting.


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