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This Week in Science and Technology: 10/28 – 11/4

At Least You Get to Keep the Glasses

A study to be published in Media Psychology found that watching a movie in 3D vs 2D doesn’t actually make a significant difference in the experience. Aside from costing slightly more than 2D, 3D usually helps the viewer from being distracted by the usual theater norms like the talking kid, the obnoxious laughter or the texter. However, the 3D aspect of the movie cannot do wonders for a less than average movie. According to the researchers, the slight satisfaction boost 3D movies have from the immersion is usually canceled out by the extra cost or uncomfortable glasses.

Look Who’s Learning Already

A recent study published in the journal PLoS One found that when fetuses were regularly played a specific tune in the womb they had more brain activity when hearing that exact tune after birth. This study shows that even fetuses can be impressionable, so maybe switch that Nicki Minaj to some Bach when pregnant.

Dog’s Best Friend

A small study was conducted to see if the feelings one has towards their dog are reciprocated. Published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, the study used a procedure that is usually used to measure a human toddler’s attachment to their parents. The performed experiments showed that owners that spend a lot of time interacting with their dog had better relationships with them than those who didn’t. However, some of the experiments indicated that there was a more owner-dependent relationship than a friendship. The scientists said that in order to have a better relationship with your dog, you have to do more than show him or her attention; you should train or stimulate him or her mentally.

Turning on the Spirit of Adventure

NASA’s deep space craft, Orion, was turned on for the first time. They turned on the avionics system inside the capsule to see the progress before its upcoming test launch. It is scheduled for an unmanned flight in fall 2014 that should last about four hours and will take Orion 3,600 miles above Earth. The craft is being built in the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Everything checked out for Orion’s first awakening and is on schedule for its test launch.

My Eyes Are Up Here

A study was conducted by Dr. Sarah Gervais of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where men and women were outfitted with a device that tracks how long they look at a certain spot. Both groups were shown pictures of women with varying body types. As expected, men focused on the pictured women’s breasts and waists. However, women were also shown to take long looks at the pictured women’s breasts and waists. One of the authors claims it is possible that women are checking out their competition when they stare at each other. These findings are published in the journal Sex Roles.



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