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Tech Tip: A new take on an electrical bike

It could be possible in the near future to arrive to class looking just as good as when you left, not like you just biked two miles. FlyKly has recently unveiled their prototype for Smart Wheel, a pedal assist unit that can transform almost any bike into an electric bike. For a community like Davis, where biking is not just a form of transportation but a lifestyle, Smart Wheel and its mobile phone app are an exciting development.

The 9-pound Smart Wheel contains the motor, battery and electronics inside a unit that is affixed to a 29-inch rear wheel. It can replace almost any bike’s rear wheel and is simple to swap in and out. Smart Wheel’s motor turns on when you start pedaling to assist you in your journey. It can help you reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. It will come in a variety of colors to suit bike frames and customer preferences.

Though hills are few and far between in Davis, Smart Wheel could assist you in climbing them; also, as you coast down the hill, Smart Wheel charges itself. You can also charge Smart Wheel in two to three hours by plugging it in; perfect for in-between classes.

The FlyKly app is compatible with iOS, Android and even Pebble smartwatch. The app is used to control the wheel through Bluetooth from its dock, called the Smart Light, that is attached to your handlebars for easy access. You can either attach your phone to the Smart Light through a sticky pad or with built-in straps. Through the FlyKly app you can set the maximum speed that Smart Wheel will gradually accelerate to as you start to pedal; this can be adjusted on your phone as you ride. You can also keep track of your current speed, distance of your trip, trip time and Smart Wheel’s battery level.

The Smart Light holster also functions as a light, phone charger and dock. Smart Light houses a dynamo generator that allows you to charge your phone and light your path. Both the charging and the light can be set to start as you pedal, ideal for those late classes or late-night food runs.

Furthermore, Smart Wheel includes anti-theft tools. You can lock your bike, get notified if it is being stolen and track where it is using the FlyKly app.

Smart Wheel collects data about your riding habits and routes which can be used as you please to enhance your biking journeys. There is also a feature where you can share your routes and habits with your friends. The FlyKly app is also able to suggest safer, faster and more fun route alternatives.

Smart Wheel will make biking to important events or gatherings more fashionable because you can dress for the destination and not the ride. Though it can’t control the weather, it can ease the strain on your body to help keep sweat at bay. It could also help those that have to battle the strong winds to arrive to school not out of breath.

No price has been released, but the Kickstarter was opened to fund production. For more information, visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flykly/flykly-smart-wheel.


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