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The Pantry food drive: Time to help out

The Pantry’s holiday canned food drive started on Nov. 4 and runs through Dec. 13. This ASUCD unit and student-run organization aims to aid UC Davis students by making sure no one has to miss a meal or go without basic necessities due to financial reasons.

As the holidays and finals approach, the costs of living can be difficult to manage, especially with the onset of a new course load and subsequent textbook costs. For those who find themselves choosing between essentials such as food and toilet paper and the required costs of college, The Pantry serves as a resource to help offset those burdens.

Operating almost entirely on donations from the community, The Pantry will depend on canned food drives to help stock up for larger crowds, especially around finals. Everyone deserves a good meal and to be equipped with basic hygienic materials.

Multiple units of ASUCD are participating by hosting canned food drive boxes in their offices, and we urge everyone to donate to the cause. Some examples of items to donate include rice, pasta, cereal, toilet paper and toothbrushes. During your next grocery run, please consider grabbing a few extra items for those in need.

The Pantry is also looking for volunteers, so email thepantryvolunteer@gmail.com or visit thepantry.ucdavis.edu to learn more about this organization and help out. Let’s work together with The Pantry to combat student hunger, one non-perishable food item and toiletry at a time.



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