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Saturday, February 24, 2024

This Week in Senate

ASUCD Vice President Bradley Bottoms presided over the meeting.

Project Compost Director Noelle Patterson gave a brief update, discussing the new compost location at one of the fraternities near campus. Patterson expressed an interest in partnering with other fraternities and sororities to have more compost locations around campus.

ASUCD Business Manager Janice Corbett gave a presentation on the budget for this year. Sixteen out of 24 units currently have some type of reserve. There is currently $495,453 in reserves. Nineteen units under ASUCD use the account.

The most notable budgets were the Experimental College, which became self-sufficient in 1994, currently with $15,375 in reserves. The Bike Barn has $4,556 in reserves, while the CoHo has $507,424 in reserves.

“We are not super proud that our reserves have been eroded over time,” Corbett said, who also discussed making financial information more available to members of ASUCD.

Senator Miles Thomas expressed a desire to have senators more involved in discussions surrounding finances in ASUCD.

“I want a member of the legislative branch in on every single conversation about the budget,” Thomas said.

ASUCD President Carly Sandstrom discussed reaching out to UC Davis alumni for donations.

There was no new legislation.


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