66.5 F

Davis, California

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Police Briefs

SUNDAY 11/22


A large group of people dressed in black appeared to be putting hoods on each other on Sycamore Lane.

MONDAY 11/23

Trader woes

A group of people were throwing things at passing cars and bikers on the Trader Joe’s side of Sycamore Lane.


To get to the other side

Five wild turkeys were crossing the road on Russell Boulevard.

FRIDAY 11/27

Waste not, want not

A guy was walking around Pole Line Road leaving notes saying if people wanted to get rid of belongings to call him.


Someone saw a person parachuting down on Sutter Place and was concerned they had missed their target.


Money laundering

A girl and guy were messing with the coin machines inside a laundry room on Simmons Way.