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News in Brief: Holiday season brings DUI arrests

From Dec. 13, 2013 to Jan. 1, 2014, Yolo County Police have arrested 60 individuals for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In 2012, the number of DUI arrests was only 47.

“Why was it up? I do not have an answer for that,” said Sergeant Rod A. Rifredi, traffic supervisor and Avoid the 8 grant supervisor, which manages the DUI program.

The Avoid campaign is a statewide program started in 2007 that is managed through the California Office of Traffic Safety and funded by both state and federal funds. The purpose is to fund for extra patrols, checkpoints and operations that allow departments to focus the enforcement of DUI and DUI-related laws.

Initially, the Avoid campaign brought a sudden spike of DUI arrests. However, after over a year, it brought a significant reduction in the number of DUI arrests.

“Historically, the numbers are steady. We enforce DUI laws strictly because of the dangers they present to the general public. A DUI driver is a dangerous person to all people on the streets, walking, driving and riding bikes,” Rifredi said.

During this holiday season there were no fatal collisions.There were at least two reported injury collisions resulting in injury in which alcohol seems to have played in factor; both incidents are currently under investigation.

“We are always strict on DUI laws. We would rather stop a suspected driver and take them to jail than to allow them to drive, get [in] a collision and seriously hurt or kill themselves or someone else,” Rifredi said.

The law encourages citizens to report drunk drivers immediately by calling 911. Rifredi suggests that all citizens should be aware as this will ensure safety for all motorists on the road.

“People should have a plan and designate a driver because people get into the mood while they are out with friends,” Rifredi said. “By then, the alcohol [has] taken effect and their judgment is inhibited. They do not make sound decisions to stop and not drive.


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