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Campus Chic

The future of fashion is evolving, but in a way that you would least expect. Currently, fashion is undergoing a seemingly endless phase of minimalistic design, but what ever happened to celebrating color and embracing what makes fashion so fun and personal?

Well, the time has finally come and we couldn’t be more excited! As seen in spring/summer 2014 collections from the likes of Chanel, Lanvin and Marc Jacobs during New York and Paris fashion weeks, we are witnessing a new age of design and a sense of freedom through embracing ostentation and the idea that “enough is never enough.”

We’ve come to a point where we are no longer creating art with perspective, but instead are conforming to the hegemony of modern day fashion and taking a Fordist approach to design. Designers are exhausted of creating “what sells” and trying to achieve the impossible by thinking of ways to design something more minimal than “minimal.” Soon enough, we would be running around either naked or in blankets and, no, I am not joking.

In the following season, we will see lots of sequins, neon, hard-shell clutches, transparents and a whole lotta color. I would say this is a palatable transition, especially because some trends from fall/winter 2013 have carried on into spring/summer 2014, like the tuxedo suit and blazer. Our muse of the week, second-year microbiology major Aysha Wildman, is already way ahead of the trend as they truly embody the quintessential idea of being yourself, whether they be femme-representing or masc-representing. I decided to feature Aysha in this week’s edition of Campus Chic because they represent what it means to embrace all of your identities and celebrate what makes fashion so exciting and expressive.

1. If you could describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?

Queer, colorful, dynamic.

2. Who or what is your style icon?

I don’t really think of any one person as an icon — there are a lot of queer people whose style I admire. I find aspects of people’s outfits that I like, and then I emulate or outdo them.

3. What are your three must-have items in your wardrobe?

Collared dress shirts, all kinds of ties (regular, skinny, bow ties, bolo ties, ascots) and shiny jewelry.

4. What is your favorite accessory and why?

I love hats; I’ve been a hat person for years and I currently own over 20. They’re great for adding more flair to an outfit or pulling different parts together. (Hats are also a must-have for keeping my ears warm during 11 p.m. bike rides.)

5. Where do you love to shop and why?

I prefer getting clothes as hand-me-downs, from thrift stores or from places like Target or Ross that aren’t super expensive. I’ve found some dress shirts that fit me really well at Uniqlo. Hand-me-downs are great because I know they’re clothes that someone else already loved. That and thrift stores are good for finding things that have “gone out of fashion,” but look cool on me.

6. What is your most treasured item in your wardrobe?

I’m really glad that I now have two binders. Wearing a binder really helps me feel more comfortable with my body on days when I’m more of a guy. I like the way that shirts fit me and ties lay flatter when I wear one. A binder helps my body work with the clothes I want to wear.

7. How has your style changed since high school?

Since high school, I’ve begun exploring more masculine ways of presenting. I feel like I’ve experienced many more genders and I love playing around with my expression of that.

8. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a way of expressing myself and turning a basic necessity into art. Sometimes my fashion expresses whatever gender I’m currently feeling; other times it’s just a way for me to feel fabulous and confident.

9. What final tips can you give to our fashion-forward readers?

Don’t listen to rules about what you can’t wear. Too much color for winter? No such thing. Too many patterns together? Never. Too femme to be a boi? Frak that.


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