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Campus Chic: Timayo Williams

In this edition of Campus Chic, our muse of the week, fourth-year art studio major, Timayo Williams, is all about finding fashion on a dime while stepping out of her comfort zone and experimenting with bigger, bolder and newer things in her wardrobe.

Tight on cash? No problem! What better way to get your fashion fix while saving a little money than to shop at one of Williams’ favorite stores, Target? Following in the footsteps of NYC-based designer, Phillip Lim, Peter Pilotto has also created a collection for Target for the spring/summer 2014 season. This long-awaited collaboration debuts Feb. 9 in select stores, Target.com and globally at Net-A-Porter.com. Prices range from as little as $14.99 to $79.99.

James’ Notes: After reviewing all the pieces of the collection, I have to say that I see a lot of Pilotto’s design aesthetic being watered down in some way for the consumerist market and I understand why that’s necessary; however, I personally prefer the softer palette and somewhat ethereal and effortless quality of certain pieces of his runway spring/summer 2014 ready-to-wear collection because it feels and reads more “couture” to me. There still exists some bold neons and interesting geometric patterns in the couture, but it’s done in a more impractical and artistic technique than in a way that’s fit for the average American consumer. That said, I still love the Peter Pilotto for Target collection and I thought some pieces like the blue and black crop top, the blue shorts and the black and yellow maxi were done well; but it doesn’t completely meet my expectations, especially when it pales in comparison to its runway opposite.

1. If you could describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?
Comfortable, cute and quirky.

2. Who or what is your style icon?
I definitely ask my brother for his opinion. My mom tells me to dress more feminine all the time so I kind of just mix [the two] together.

3. What are your three must-have items in your wardrobe?
My necklace, fake glasses and headbands/bandanas.

4. What is your favorite accessory and why?
I guess my waist beads. I wear them all the time so I’m comfortable with them. I like that it’s a secret; it’s like a tattoo you hide under your shirt that no one knows about. It’s cute when you’re wearing a bathing suit too. I got them from Ghana, Africa with my mom. She always thought it was a good idea to incorporate little things that remind her of home so I kind of just appropriated that idea and wore them from then on. I’ve worn [waist beads] for about seven years now.

5. Where do you love to shop and why?
Anywhere cheap is good! I steal clothes from my brother’s closet and mom’s closet. Target’s good… H&M for little things. Actually this shirt [that I’m wearing] is from Black Scale, which is where my brother works. They sell a lot of dark, street and urban clothing.

6. What is your most treasured item in your wardrobe?
My necklace. My mom is one of my best friends and it’s another thing that my mom and I decided to get together. I’ve worn it for years and even my friends think it’s weird when I switch out my necklace once in a while. It’s a fertility doll symbol and it’s just another thing that symbolizes home and Africa.

7. How has your style changed since high school?
In high school, I just wore jeans and a T-shirt and sometimes a jersey that my friend lent to me. I never liked showing my figure when I was younger and I was very plain. Now, this year, I’m trying to be more feminine and wear things that I want to wear because I know Davis is just about navy UCD shirts and sweats, you know what I mean? I see girls wearing heels and I’m like, “Good for you!” I used to think it was kind of unnecessary to wear heels class-to-class because that’s really uncomfortable, but if you want to look cute that day, go ahead and do it.
If I want to be a little gangster today, I’ll just wear my black bandana, black shirt and black pants and, the next day, if I want to be really girly, I’ll wear my lace headband and my long, floral dress.

8. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is something that makes you feel confident or comfortable that day, or probably even happy. A friend once told me that, if you’re depressed, you should just wear something really nice and go out by yourself or with a friend. It definitely puts you out of the mood you’re in in some way. I wore a blue wig to school once!

9. What final tips can you give to our fashion-forward readers?
Just have fun with your clothes. I’m definitely trying to do the same thing. Not to impress anybody, but just for yourself. Even if it’s weird, at least you get some kind of attention and that makes you feel different for the day.







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