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Print it with Flag

Living the college lifestyle often means having to learn to carefully budget your expenses. College students in particular are always looking for creative ways to still find what they want/need for the lowest possible prices. Now with the Flag app, college students and other budget-savvy shoppers can print photos saved on a smartphone for absolutely free.

Entrepreneur Samuel Agboola recognizes the fact that printing out precious memories can become very costly very quickly. For instance, a printout of 20 photos at a local pharmacy such as CVS can cost over $75. Using only 220 gram photo paper from sustainable sources, this kickstarter company promises its users a printout of 20 free high-quality photos a month, with no additional shipping costs.

In order to make a profit, ads get printed on the backs of photos. By charging for these ads, the company is able to maintain profits. If one is not particularly fond with the idea of ads printed on the back of the photos, one can order blank prints for a small fee. However, the company notes that ads will always be tasteful.

For those who like to think outside of the rectangle, the company says it will also offer users the option to print the images in different shapes and sizes. Users could also add text captions and make the photos into postcards if they wish. However, Flag plans on offering these extra features at an additional cost.

Although the company is still in development, it offers a promising solution to a common problem: converting our process from merely looking at our photos to actually having them in our hands. Flag can not only be of a great service to college students, but also to smart shoppers alike.


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