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The Afterglow to host Valentine’s Day concert

Looking for something new to do with your date this Valentine’s Day? How about getting serenaded with your favorite love songs? If so, then UC Davis’ all-male a cappella group, The Afterglow, has just the event for you.

On Feb. 14, The Afterglow is hosting their third annual “Lights Low” concert, a romantic-themed annual show that is always done as close to Valentine’s Day as possible.

The group of 14 UC Davis students will be performing new songs they’ve been working on as well as some old pieces. All of the songs are performed a cappella, meaning only vocals will be used to present the songs.

Alongside The Afterglow, the concert is set to feature UC Davis’ The Spokes, UC Santa Cruz’s The Hightones and the UC Davis band Jadoo. The only group that is not performing a cappella is Jadoo. The Spokes and The Hightones are all-female groups while the Men’s Octet is an all-male group.

“The premise behind the groups we invited is that they’re single-sex groups,” said Justin Nool, a fourth-year human development major and Afterglow music director. “All-male-all-female concerts are one of our traditions.”

Jadoo was added after UC Berkeley’s Men’s Octet had to drop out. Jadoo is a five-person band that fuses Middle Eastern and Western musical perspectives, and Jadoo means “magic” in Farsi.

The Spokes and The Afterglow have worked together many times throughout the years. They expressed excitement about performing a new repertoire that will feature some new soloists from their groups. Their set list will include “Bones” by Ginny Blackmore, “I Need Your Love” by Ellie Goulding and a “Kiss Mix” mashup featuring pieces of “Kiss the Girl” by Katy Perry, “Kiss the Girl” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer.

Fourth-year English major and Spokes’ President Rachel Riley expressed her excitement about performing this setlist at “Lights Low” in an email.

“We’ve chosen songs that revolve around love, though each song features a different kind of love,” Riley said. “We’re stoked to perform our ‘Kiss Mix’ medley at a show for the first time! It’s a cool fusion of a Disney song and a 90s classic.”

The UC Berkeley Men’s Octet and UC Santa Cruz’s The Hightones have worked with The Afterglow on past occasions and said that they will likely draw some fans to the concert. The Men’s Octet is a world-renowned all-male group that performs everything from current popular hits to classic Sinatra pieces. The Hightones are known for their fun high-energy performances and repertoire.

The Afterglow has decided not to release their set list for the show as they wish to surprise their audience with what they have to offer. The group is planning on adding a unique intimate touch to the show. Fourth-year technocultural studies major and Afterglow member Otelo Contreras explained the atmosphere the group hopes to create at the concert.

“There’s a different energy we sort of bring [to a concert] than other groups,” Contreras said. “We’re all really good friends and we all interact with each other on stage. I feel like that draws people in a little more. It’s more of a show when you get to know the characters in the group.”

Whether you have a valentine or are riding solo, The Afterglow encourages anyone who enjoys a cappella music to attend the concert. Fourth-year environmental science and managerial economics double major Kevin Pelstring is the president of The Afterglow and wants everyone to know the concert is a welcoming environment for all.

“If you don’t have a date, come to our concert and you’ll have at least 14,” Pelstring said.

Tickets for “Lights Low” can be purchased $7 presale through the UC Davis Ticket Office or at the door for $12. The show will be at 123 Sciences Lecture Hall and doors open at 8 p.m.


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