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Letter to the Editor: Save The Aggie

As a UC Davis graduate, it saddens me to hear that The Aggie may be on its last legs. It’s crazy to think that after 10 years, I can still remember the columns that made me cry with laughter and the thought-provoking articles that challenged my political stances. I always appreciated The Aggie’s ability to gather brilliant writers, artists and designers not for money, but for the passion of delivering a quality product. It is this same passion that allowed me to become a professional journalist for a technology publication that is read by millions of people today.

UC Davis is known as a university that promotes the cultivation of different ideas, and since its inception The Aggie has always allowed students to express these diverse viewpoints. While there are plenty of news outlets, what makes The Aggie special is that it is a centralized news publication by UC Davis students for UC Davis students.

The paper has existed for 99 years, never closer to reaching its centennial milestone, yet at the same time never so far. In the process, the publication has created dialogue spanning several generations, many of which are no longer with us today. But all of this rich history will vanish if you do not pass the torch. Like it or not, your class stands at the precipice of the publication’s existence, and future generations will be silenced or heard depending on what you decide today. I ask that you lay aside apathy to let your voices be heard louder than ever.



Jimmy Thang

2007 Communications and Design graduate

Maximum PC Online Managing Editor



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