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Police Briefs: Feb. 27, 2014

Wednesday 2/19

Tough (fortune) cookie
Someone on Arthur Street called 911 to say, “There will be violence.”

An unknown subject is continually putting up someone’s windshield wipers during the day on Wintun Place.

Saturday 2/22

Press charges
On Vassar Drive, someone’s roommate invited three people into the residence who claimed to be selling magazines, but kept asking questions about how many people lived in the residence and how much things cost.

Tricks are for kids
A group of kids kept prank-calling a business on L Street, making threats to come and kill everyone.

Up to scratch
Someone was trying to park on Third Street and accidentally scratched someone’s car. When he went to get a pen and paper to leave a note the vehicle was gone, so he wanted to leave his information.

Monday 2/24

Face the consequences
On Denison Drive, a known subject has been hacking the reporter’s Facebook account, posting and altering things without the reporter’s permission.


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