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News in Brief: International House to host “Singing Our World Alive”

The International House of Davis will host “Singing Our World Alive,” a fundraiser event in which local musicians will lead the audience in a group song, on March 15.

The event, which is co-sponsored by the Davis Community Men’s Talk Circle, will feature local musician Laura Sandage along with San Francisco based musician Doug von Koss.

Gregory Guss, who organizes the Davis Community Men’s Talk Circle, helped bring Sandage and von Koss together.

“Doug and Laura will bring a chant that people will not know about and they’ll teach a group how to sing it,” Guss said. “Part of what happens is that, as people stand together and start singing, they’ll unify as they work together and start feeling a connection. A community, an experience of community, will be born at that moment.”

Sandage and von Koss have put the performance into two parts.

“The first half will have people on their feet, with lively, energetic songs that can get the music going quickly,” Sandage said. “Then we’ll have a break where people can meet each other. The second half is more meditative. All of this will happen in a circle in a place intentionally set up for positivity, community and raising energy via music.”

Von Koss believes that potential audiences should not be frightened by the prospect of group participation.

“It works in a perfection-free zone, so people should not worry about singing a wrong note or mispronouncing anything,” von Koss said. “It’s okay to make mistakes, because we’re very accepting. Within 10 minutes, we’ll be singing gloriously in three to four part harmonies.”

“Singing Our World Alive” will be held at the International House, which is located at 10 College Park, on March 15 at 7 p.m. The event is free with a recommended donation of $10.


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