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This Week in Senate: March 12, 2014

ASUCD Vice President Bradley Bottoms presided over the Senate meeting on March 6. The meeting was called into session at 6:14 PM.

The meeting was mainly comprised of reports from ASUCD unit directors and general discussion.

Bike Barn unit director Nali Weinstein and general manager Robert St. Cyr reported that they are working to increase income. The Bike Barn’s expenses are down $63,000 from last year. In order to increase income, the Bike Barn will be renting bikes on Decision Day and holding an end-of-the-year yard sale in May. The Bike Barn is also working on decreasing its environmental impact by disposing of waste properly and recycling bike tires.

Lobby Corps Unit Director David Kuwabara reported on the proceedings of the unit and its hope to expand in the future. The unit is currently working on 30 higher education bills. Kuwabara said the unit wants to expand beyond the narrow set of higher education issues and to work with the new ASUCD senators and other advocacy groups on campus. Lobby Corps would like to expand to federal legislation and has conducted some preliminary research.

Refrigerator Services Unit Director Kevin Vang reported on the unit’s issues. The unit has about 150 broken mini-fridges that are taking up space. Fridges cannot be dumped because the toxic substances have to be removed before they can be disposed of properly. Vang is currently working toward determining how many fridges the unit actually has.

Eight new candidates were confirmed to the Gender and Sexuality Commission.

Representatives from the ASUCD judicial branch reported the decision in the case of Senator Miles Thomas vs. ASUCD President Carly Sandstrom. Sandstrom was found guilty of breaking an ASUCD bylaw. The court warned the senators to do their assigned duties and to educate others about the bylaws. The representatives also commented that the court should not be used to solve personal issues and that there was “an insane amount of immaturity in the senate.”

The meeting then moved into orders of the day and public discussion. The units in the Memorial Union (MU) and the Silo will be moved because the Silo will be renovated in the summer, and the first two floors of the MU will be renovated next January. There was a discussion about whether the post office in the MU should be kept as a unit after the renovation or whether it should be closed down. No decision was made.

— Jordyn May


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