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Campus Judicial Report

The start of Spring Quarter marks the opening of the Recreation Pool, the beginning of beautiful weather and the longtime traditions of Picnic Day and the Whole Earth Festival. Unfortunately, Spring Quarter often brings with it an additional side effect: excessive underage drinking.

While many individuals believe that underage drinking is a harmless ritual of colleges across the country, it still remains a punishable offense and a risky endeavor. Fortunately, UC Davis provides many resources for students to assist them in their nights out.

UC Davis Safe Party (safeparty.ucdavis.edu) is an exceptionally useful website created for students with the intention of informing and preparing them for attending a party where alcohol is being served. Students often do not realize that Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) has off-campus jurisdiction in matters where campus members’ health and safety are threatened. The consequences of such actions can be criminal, financial and academic, especially for freshmen who are living in Student Housing, since drinking violates the Student Housing Contract and is grounds for eviction.

Many students forget that alcohol brings with it an entirely new set of problems outside of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is still the number one date rape drug and can also increase the risk of property damage, theft and assault. In order to prevent these offenses, students should remember that alcohol should never be the focus of any party. Drinking slowly, in moderation and respecting others’ rights to not drink will go a long way in ensuring the safety of students and an enjoyable night out!

Trivia Question (Answer Below)

What is the best way to manage your drinking during a party?

A. Drinking only one type of alcohol (Beer, Vodka, Rum, etc.)

B. Drinking energy drinks to keep yourself alert

C. Bringing your favorite drink to the party

D. Alternating your drinks with water

Helpful Resources

Safe Party (http://safeparty.ucdavis.edu/)

Physical Wellness (http://mywellness.ucdavis.edu/physical.html)

Check Your Drinking (www.checkyourdrinking.net)

(D is the correct answer)


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