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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Police Briefs: April 2, 2014 to April 6, 2014

Wednesday 4/2

Ran out of steam

A man was sleeping in a running vehicle parked at a gas pump on Mace Boulevard for over an hour.

Friday 4/4

Block party

Four people were lying in the street in oncoming traffic and taking pictures on G Street.

I wanna rob

On Regis Drive, someone made a comment on the reporter’s blog about breaking into his residence again.

Excessive expenditure

Someone’s ex-girlfriend logged into his debit account and used his funds on J Street.

Sunday 4/6

Game face

A drunk guy in a Laker’s jersey was yelling profanities and trying to fight passersby on G Street.


Someone was wandering around the reporter’s back lot on Russell Boulevard. When the reporter asked what he was doing there, he shrugged and left the property.

Police briefs are compiled from the City of Davis daily crime bulletins. Contact EINAT GILBOA at city@theaggie.org.



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