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Campus Judicial Report

We are brought up with the understanding that stealing is an immoral act; yet shoplifting from the UC Davis Bookstore, CoHo and other campus businesses is an ongoing issue. Tuition levels are at an all-time high, so money is understandably tight for college students, but being short on cash is never a justification for stealing.

 Students who are caught stealing on campus end up facing serious repercussions including suspension, fines, deferred dismissal, delayed graduation and dismissal. Don’t let the temptation of stealing and the misconception of its “low risk” encourage you to walk out of the store without paying. Many students are not aware of the many surveillance cameras, loss-prevention staff and other security methods that target thieves.

Interestingly, stealing is an addictive behavior. The first time you steal, and by chance are not caught, your mind starts to positively reinforce that behavior, increasing the likelihood of stealing again and thus, of getting caught.

Also, don’t forget the effects it has on the people around you, particularly your fellow students. In order to make up for the stolen items, prices may slowly increase at places like the CoHo and bookstore. Stealing hurts the UC Davis community, but thankfully there are alternate avenues for students who feel pressured to steal:

 1.     Instead of buying textbooks, borrow them from the library. Professors usually have one or two copies of the course’s textbook on reserve for students to use.


 2.     Make some money with a student job.

ASUCD jobs: http://asucd.ucdavis.edu/2010/10/01/job-openings-in-asucd-get-involved/

Aggie Job Link: https://ucdavis-csm.symplicity.com/students/

3.     Contact “We Are Aggie Pride,” a group formed to provide short-term financial assistance to fellow Aggies that need support.


4.     Talk confidentially with someone at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Students who seek help at CAPS are not “crazy,” but they are in need of support and help getting out of bad situations.


5.     Visit “The Pantry” to get free meals.




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