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Davis, California

Friday, March 1, 2024

Police Briefs: Picnic Day Edition

Saturday, 4/12

Super Size Me
Someone on Mace Boulevard tried to go through a drive-thru in a U-Haul, got stuck and damaged the roof.

Life’s a picnic
Several people called to report a large party on L Street with people running around naked.

Stick in the mud
On Alhambra Drive, someone had a problem with her neighbor hitting her with a stick.

The sky’s the limit
On Anderson Road, there were approximately 50 people on the roof of a building.

You must be new here
A guy wearing a T-shirt with “21” printed on it urinated twice in front of the same location on Second Street.

Nosy parker
A drunk guy tried to steal the “No Parking” sign on Fourth Street.

Police briefs are compiled from the City of Davis daily crime bulletins. Contact EINAT GILBOA at city@theaggie.org.


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