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Campus Judicial Report


Joining a sports team or perhaps a social or professional fraternity or sorority on campus is a goal that many students share when arriving at UC Davis. For many students, this is an exciting time and an opportunity to become a part of something bigger than themselves. Unfortunately, some organizations on campus may take the initiation of new members too far through what is commonly known as hazing. Hazing is the process by which new members are subjected to abuse, harassment or humiliation in order to become part of a group or team.

Many students who are hazed feel helpless and lost. Often, hazing can pose serious psychological risks as well as physical damage. Some methods of hazing include excessive alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, isolation and criminal and sexual acts. The consequences of hazing include hospitalization, police charges and in some cases death. Because of all the dangers associated with hazing, all students are encouraged to report any conduct that they deem as dangerous or humiliating to Student Judicial Affairs as soon as possible. While for some students reporting hazing may seem less important than becoming a part of their organization, reporting hazing can save lives.

Resources for students who are being or have been hazed:

Stop Hazing

Student Judicial Affairs

Counseling and Psychological Services


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