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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Senate Resolution #20 fails at senate with 5-5-3 vote

At 2 a.m. on May 9 at Freeborn Hall, ASUCD senate failed to pass Senate Resolution (SR) #20 with a 5-5-3 vote. ASUCD Senators Mariah Watson, Nicholas Sanchez, Robyn Huey, Azka Fayyaz and Shehzad Lokhandwalla voted yes. ASUCD Senators Jonathan Mitchell, Eugenia Chung, Amelia Helland, Katherine Sherman and Artem Senchev voted no. ASUCD Senators Gareth Smythe and Janesh Gupta abstained. The initial vote was 5-5-2.

According to ASUCD Court Case 13 Hoskinson v. Bloom, “The ASUCD Vice President shall act as the presiding officer over all Senate meetings, but shall have no voted [sic], unless the Senate be equally divided [(same number of affirmative votes as any combination of negative votes and/or abstentions).].” ASUCD Vice President Maxwell Kappes voted abstain to make the final vote 5-5-3.

The UC Davis Divest Twitter account tweeted out that they aim to put the resolution on a ballot.

More updates on SR #20 are to follow.

— Claire Tan and Paayal Zaveri

— Photo by Brian Nguyen




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