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Aggie Style Watch: Halloween costume edition


For this week’s edition of Aggie Style Watch, we took a look at Halloween costumes and asked Davis students how they prepare for the festivities. We received a variety of responses, ranging from “I buy a costume the day before” to “I start thinking about it in the beginning of October, but get my act together the week of” and even “I’ve been planning for ages.”

I believe that the perfect costume should be interesting enough to spark a conversation at a party or event. It should also be inexpensive to put together, because let’s be honest — costumes are worn for maybe five or six hours on one night of the year. So if you can work with pieces you already own and accessorize with costume props, life will be much easier come the 31st.

It is also worth noting that in college, Halloween festivities often start the weekend before and continue throughout the week and into the following weekend. Therefore many students feel obligated (or maybe even excited) to have multiple costumes for all the celebrations.

Third-year computer science major Olivia Chock, (featured in the photo above as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland) shared her tips and tricks for putting together costumes, as well as her observations on what she thinks makes for a successful Halloween experience.

“I love thinking of more creative costumes that not many people would usually be, because I think [that] while we’re in college we should be whatever we want because we can,” Chock said.

She expressed that costumes are the most fun and enjoyable to wear when, people “embrace and flaunt [them].”

If you are unsure of what to be and you are struggling to find the right look for Halloween, ask yourself what would make you the happiest to dress up as. Pull inspiration from your favorite childhood television shows movies and video games — because really, who wouldn’t want to dress up as Ash Ketchum or Princess Peach? Even thinking of funny expressions or puns that can be made visual can evolve into a great costume. Another great way to find the right costume for you is to channel your favorite person from history or your present-day idol.

John Davis, a third-year genetics major, shared with us his goal for a costume.

“I want my costume to stand out and make people either laugh or be impressed,” Davis said.

Chris Montrose, a third-year economics major, said that he believes Halloween is a day to go all out with your creativity and really express yourself.

“A good costume is something that you have a lot of fun in and can have fun talking about. It is a work of pride and it’s something that represents a little part of who we really want to be. It may be a disguise, but it’s also a little revealing,” Montrose said.

Halloween can be an incredibly fun, festive occasion and the right costume can make your experience even better.

Photo courtesy Olivia Chock


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