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This Week in Senate

ASUCD Vice President Maxwell Kappes presided over the senate meeting on Nov. 6, held in the Mee Room of the Memorial Union (MU). The meeting was called to order at 6:12 p.m.

The senate began by discusssing the new Unitrans terminal at the MU. Representatives for Unitrans spoke about the success of the new terminal, as well as the possibility of having an opening ceremony later this quarter. Other Unitrans updates included that its three new buses seem to be running well. Additionally, a new computer system is being used to manage all data, including shifts and payrolls.

Senate passed six bills: Senate Resolution No. 1, Senate Resolution No. 3, Senate Bill No. 14, Senate Bill No. 15, Senate Bill No. 16, and Senate Bill No. 17.

Senate Resolution No. 1 recognizes Andrew Wyly for his hard work as UC Davis Unitrans Maintenance Manager.

Senate Resolution No. 3 approves Unitrans’ procedures regarding Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 through ASUCD Unitrans’ 2014 Title VI Program & Language Assistance Plan.

Senate Bill No. 14 allots $56 for Coffee House vouchers to be used at a lunch event with ASUCD. At this event, called “Lunch with ASUCD,” students will be able to have lunch with ASUCD officials. Students will be able to apply for one of seven spots for this event online.

Senate Bill No. 15 moves the Student Government Administration Office under the Student Services Office.

Senate Bill No. 16 gives $16.50 to reimburse The Pantry for printing scholarship applications.

Senate Bill No. 17 clarifies the role of the Creative Media Marketing Department in ASUCD social media.

Senate also confirmed candidates for the Gender and Sexuality commission as well as Outreach Assembly. Additionally, Harley Litzelman was confirmed as director of the ASUCD Office of Advocacy and Student Representation.

The unit director for KDVS announced that, as of last week, a full staff has been hired at KDVS. KDVS has increased its number of general staff meetings and is restructuring its DJ training. Additionally, KDVS is searching for a new location for the future, as within two to four years the unit will have to temporarily relocate due to the construction in Freeborn Hall.

ASUCD President Armando Figueroa then spoke about UC President Janet Napolitano’s recent announcement of a plan that will increase students’ tuition by up to five percent annually over five years. He emphasized the importance of the senators coming to the student forum the following day (Nov. 8) in the ARC Ballroom, as well as the need for the UC campuses to rally together in protest of this change.

The Club Finance Council, an ASUCD-funded program that provides grants to students clubs, also gave a presentation, in which it discussed efforts to increase marketing, updates to the website, funding from the 2013-14 school year and future plans.

Public announcements included that CALPIRG is currently hiring campus organizers and that AggieTV is working on a series about sexual assault, including what UC schools are doing to prevent it.

Last meeting’s minutes were approved, and the meeting ended with a closed session regarding Campus Copies, Classical Notes, and the MU post office. The meeting adjourned at 11:32 PM.


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