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The Poetry

“How Does it Feel?”

By Manjot Bhathal

Are you sane now?

Disengaged from the world.

How does it feel to be so far from the ones you loved?

Do you feel happy, or are you feeling numb again

Because you said you had enough but feelings still remain.

Is the fight over, or are you still fighting to forget?

All the things that made you crazy, and all the things that you regret.

You would say this is all i want, and this is all i need

to end it all now and go peacefully.

Tell me now how is that working out?

Because you’re not here but left your soul behind.

Its trapped in an hour glass with the time ticking by,

wishing you had waited, because now there’s more pain inside.


The Poets&ThePoetesses


“How Does it Feel?” by Manjot Bhathal


Second-year student currently in Biochemistry.

I don’t know if what I write is good or not, but it comes from the heart. Poetry has given me a way to express myself. I enjoy spoken words, poetry, music and anything else that could inspire me to do better. This poem is the first one that I ever shared with my friends and family, and I hope those who read it are able to look beyond the emotional distress of it. There are many interpretations of it, but from my perception it’s about suicide. Here, I’d like to mention that there are many programs on campus that help students and the community deal with emotional distress and other stresses. One of the groups I’m a part of is called “Out of the Darkness: Suicide Prevention,” and I’d love for everyone to check it out if you have questions, concerns or need information about suicide. To end this, I’d like to say that things may get rough sometimes, but please find a reason to move on because there’s at least one person wanting you to find that reason because you might be that reason for them.

Hold on.



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