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“Evenly-winged Eyeliner is a State of Mind and I am in it”

By Iris Bloomfield

I am summer déjà vu.

Honeysuckle dewdrop.

I love like a wizened child.

;I; weaver of weather,
deceiver of never,
hold my arms out to you who would
dance with cyclones and kiss
the earth.
It is okay if you are afraid.
I too, have fear.
I am drunk with it.
Fear softens me.
I drink its potency and dance—
because to dance with fear is to have courage.
So let us drink in
our worst days,
or greet them like solemn bastard handshakes
And celebrate their passing like floats on parade.

Remember the orange slice smile!
Remember the love that loves you despite you!

Because you are my breath,
and I breathe despite death.

I want you
to remember who you are
beyond your to-do lists,
work hours and
relationship problems.

I want you
to sit me down,
shove a mug of tea in my face and
tell me why you’re beautiful
and why no-one can take that
away from you.

I want you
to love me into the ground so
I can appreciate the sound of
my heartbeat against the planet’s
shifting plates.

I want
to gather
the whole world
like a lake into an auditorium
so I can shake
each person’s hand,


I want not the flesh,
nor its end—but
the persistent, easy
hope of morning fog,
mother’s grace:

Touch me everywhere, because
there is time enough for time
and space enough for space.

Yes: I will be
the sober drunk:
dumb and lost,
tender and keen—
I will write a never-ending love letter
to this most grand dream. ||
  (I am not trying to get this right, just better)


“Evenly wingled eyliner is a state of mind and I am in it”

By Iris Bloomfield

Iris Bloomfield is a second year at UC Davis. She is majoring in English and trying to decide on a second major — possibly technocultural studies. She also is a core member of Sick Spits, the UC Davis Spoken Word Poetry club. In her free time, Iris likes to rap (freestyle & pre-written), play hacky sack and pet dogs.

Iris’s poetry had modest beginnings on scrap paper and napkins in eighth-grade classrooms. Her voice was further nourished within the Youth Speaks spoken-word community, which saw her through most of high school. Some of the places her work has appeared in includes the California Oddity, the 826 Quarterly and The Press (a UC Davis student-run zine). If you see her, please use the correct pronouns — she and/or they, and all the respective conjugations.


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