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“Dear Sam Cooke”

By Camille Woods


My grandma was born by the river

in a little house

and you know she tells me about the running

Catfish River and the Mississippi clay

And about the change she expected

About the change that’s suppose to come


Living is hard

and it seems dying is easy

Easy to be in the sky

away, with God


Yes, a long time coming

Still not here

I wonder will it come…


See, at the movie downtown

they are playing “12 years a slave”

and those that hang around

turn into Trayvon Martins and Michael Browns

Still a comin?

I wish I knew

It was comin.

This change


I tried my brotha, I say, “Help Me Please”


but he just turns on the TV


I wonder if I can last

If I am able to carry on

I’m only 19 and they say I’ve got a long time comin

but somehow I’m suppose to know

about the change my grandma expected

about the change that’s suppose to come


ThePoets&ThePoetesses: Note from the Creator

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.05.36 PMHello, I am Camille Iman, the creator of this column and the author of the poem above. I have decided to include this poem as a response to the happenings in Ferguson. I hope that you will feel compelled to speak up and WRITE out your frustrations, emotions, or even actions that were aroused by the court’s decision. AggieAnglous wants to know what you think of the current state of America and what the decision says about our nation on a larger scale.

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Graphic by Jennifer Wu


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