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The Poetry

The Mistress On His Mind

By Camille Iman Woods

Warning: Sexually explicit


He stopped me one day

and talked to me, really talked to me

he stimulated my mind and caressed my thoughts as

he talked to me

and we walked towards the library

as he caressed my thoughts

my thoughts get so lonely that they thought,

he was the one as soon as he touched


it had been a while since I had the pleasure

of shared intellect

and I was eager

eager to ask him to make love

to my intellect

more often





In my mind


His ideas were strong like black coffee

hard like baseball bats

and long like run on sentences

and I liked it, yes, our conversations

were my


I climaxed


and wondered if he was single, you know

really single

he was married


and he told me that we couldn’t talk anymore because he loved my mind

more than his wife’s

because he had touched my mind and couldn’t stand to cheat

even in conversation


He said He didn’t know

this sort of pleasure existed

when he married her and if he did, well. . .

that doesn’t matter




I wouldn’t have minded being his mind’s mistress

second to his wife but first to his thoughts


Oh, how I am eager to have the pleasure

of shared intellect

the kind of dopamine surge that only comes from studying a dopamine surge

the kind of liberation that comes from learning liberalism



I was his kind

I miss the straddling of his gray matter

and his thoughts strong like black coffee

hard like baseball bats

long like run on sentences


Intellectuals get lonely too you know,

Sitting with all these pages isn’t good for a virgin mind


Note from the Editor

Welcome Back! AggieAngelous is back for another poetic quarter. AggieAngelous would like to thank all of you who read the column and those who submitted poetry as well. The goal of AggieAngelous is too embody the UC Davis student body and showcase the diversity of poetic thought at this wonderful university. I want to thank you all for helping me display the beauty of UC Davis through poetry! I hope you enjoy my poem above!

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