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The Poetry


“The Railroad”

by Caroline Vissers


We rush

rush through the emotions of life

knife in my lungs I can’t breathe

You came and went so quickly

quick to knock the air right out of my gut

lust rushes through our bodies

bodies haunted by unhinged time

timed so poorly


Like trains rushing past one another

another missed chance

glance through the window to see the power

powerful energy rushing forward

for an instance so close

close to something gone

gone to separate destinations

destiny overlooked


Set on our rails

rails grinding forward, metal screeching

screaming, screaming can’t you hear me?


Will I ever see you again?

again, again, and again I write

writhing in anticipation of your return

“return to sender”




“The Things I Lost in my College Dorm”

By Caroline Vissers


Four years of sweat and tears sprawled across the floor

a carpet of memories

to cover the things I lost in my college dorm


My virginity crammed under the bed

a farewell to innocence

washed away with the stains on my sheets


Old friendships wither in the corner

a lesson in loyalty

to be learned again

again and



An air of expectation hangs above the desk

thick enough to choke on,

wilting the pages of unread books


Childhood dreams turned to dust on the floor

like discarded maps

redrawn to follow paved roads


Lost but not forgotten, you stand beside the window

the words “I love you” dripping from the glass

it sounded like a promise

but ended as a bolt on the door


So I packed the scraps

placed my education neatly in my bags

and used my diploma to carve “ADULT” across my forehead


“TheScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 2.25.34 PM Things I Lost in my College Dorm” and “The Railroad” By Caroline Vissers

Caroline Vissers graduated with a degree in animal science in June 2014 and now works researching bone regeneration. Though her education is focused on science, she enjoys the arts and has been painting for over 12 years. Only recently did she begin exploring poetry and discovering the unique expression it allows. In the future, she hopes to integrate art and science in ways that will elevate her understanding of both.

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