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Monday, June 17, 2024

My last will and testament



Dear Love,

All I want in life is God and a Doctorate

After that I’m gone

Burn me like the pages of a banned book

and sprinkle my ashes over Coretta Scott King Roses


Life full of pain

pained discoveries that classroom history books

are fiction novels

and fiction novels are banned and burned

if they are any good


banned thoughts that support the value of the marginalized

burned pages that detail untold stories


they banned me

they burned me


until you get your doctorate


then, to the world you’re legitimized. Kinda.

A professional of thought. Kinda.

still marginalized, still devalued, still other

still labeled


But I am reborn in these pages that they burn


pencils and pages give me the opportunity to be

the petals of a beautiful black woman

out of ash, dirt, and death


they let me talk to God

So I write you love letters


and maybe one day, my love letter will get me a doctorate


I mean all I want in life is you and a Doctorate

After that I’m gone

Let the pages of my soul burn

and sprinkle my ashes over Coretta Scott King Roses


So my love will grow pink and bloom

Let the earth be my urn and my royal tomb

I’ll be home soon. See you then.




“Camille Iman Woods is an undergraduate at UC Davis interested in advances in medicine through the arts. Camille would like to do graduate study in linguistics to examine the impact of Art therapy – poetry, dance, etc. – on the autistic brain and social  interactions. Camille is the creator, editor and facilitator of aggieANGELOUS, UC Davis first poetry column. She loves to laugh and has a newfound love for Afro-Cuban salsa dancing. “


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