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Dead Arts Society and Studio 301 to hold collaborative showcase

There is no doubt that competition is normal in the sports and academic world. However, there is another kind of rivalry that runs rampant on the University of California, Davis campus: the theatrical competition between the Dead Arts Society (DAS) and Studio 301 (301).

DAS was formed as a side project of 301 in 2010. DAS writes and performs their own productions. The members of the group describes DAS as relaxed and inclusive. They are open to accepting people into the club with little to no theater experience. Because of this inclusivity, this group draws many non-theater-related majors to auditions.

301 was revived in 2004 and is composed of mostly theater veterans. They generally perform published works. Due to the fact that 301 performs published works, the group is more limited to filling character roles with members who have more dramatic experience.

Since 2010, the two clubs have remained separate from one another due to their differences in the practice of theatrical performance. On Jan. 22, however, the two clubs put aside these disparities and the groups held collaborative auditions for new members.

DAS and 301 are coming together to put on a joint showcase, which will include scenes ranging from performances of original scripts, published monologues and Monty Python scenes. The show aims to perform 30 scenes in 60 minutes.

Third-year dramatic art and linguistics major Jason Moscato serves as the president of Studio 301 and is responsible for suggesting the idea of the collaboration.

“[I have taken note of the] climate of hostility between the two organizations,” Moscato said. “[I want DAS and 301] to work together in order to create a cool piece of theater.”

The president of DAS, fourth-year psychology major and theater minor Kazia Hart, was also enthusiastic about the idea of a collaborative audition.

“[I hope we] get more people from the [theatre] department involved in DAS,” Hart said. “[I also hope this creates] more love between the clubs.”

Members of the two clubs have reacted positively to the collaboration project and have enjoyed working together. Third-year cinema and technocultural studies major Alex Yeghiazarian, who is a member of DAS, hopes to be involved in the collective event and help “produce good art.”

“[We are looking past the two clubs’ differences to meet the common goal] of producing the best work we can through a common love of [theatrical performance],” Yeghiazarian said.

Rehearsals have started, but the show is still under development and the members of each group are still looking to add more acts to the performance. DAS and 301 look forward to possible collaborations in the future, but the two theater clubs will remain separate entities.

This show is tentatively set to run on April 11.

For more information, please email studio301productions@gmail.com or deadartssociety@gmail.com. You can also follow the two clubs on Facebook.



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