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In loving memory of the inclusivity and resilience of Maya Angelou




By Abbas Mohamed


The universe

Math and love

Chemistry and creation


As above is as below

peer in either direction to let the secrets show

The more you search the more you start to know

No matter what direction you choose to go

Take for instance the earth and a human being

Use imagination it’s the same thing you are seeing

We have more small microbes on us than our  own cells

Like the trees that live on earth and animals like ourselves

The rivers that carry salmon from stream to sea

Are mirrored by the blood streams inside you, inside me

So many more examples you can surely find

But let’s zoom further for the questions in our minds

You go further out now you’re in space

Go deeper down until you’re in an atomic place

Both of these places have similarities abound

Electrons in their orbitals always going around

The nucleus of its atom like its own atomic sun

A sun which above has planets eight,

not counting Pluto, which met a dismal fate

that’s not one thing from which he’ll retaliate

Oh, but science is boring!

Aha! Say, what?? Science bores you, but it’s so exciting!

Formulas, so elegant, biochemical enticing

give in to the wonders, No fighting

its lightning crackling feet above your head,

its shockwaves emanating from the words I have said

Its bread, its butter, and how that’s broken down inside you

It’s the variable air pressures and the flowing around you

ITS TRUE, it’s the freeways

Between cities, between hearts,

Between science, between art,

In every aspect and regard!

Chemistry is emotions,

Its pheromones and love potions

it’s the pull of the moon and the tides of the oceans


When you open your eyes, surprise surprise,

You realize the green of the grass and the blue of the skies,

These colors that can make you smile so wide

Have secrets to be found, the mysteries they do hide

For every light that reaches you takes the shape of a wave

Be it a traffic light or a glowstick at a rave

These waves have shapes and sizes that differ for every color

So when you see these waves you tell the difference from one another

That’s how you can tell the red from the blue

Different frequencies caused by the length of the waves that come to you

How then, can you go through life and see the rainbows around

And not marvel at its science, just one of the mysteries to be found.


With science its precise, its rarely ever hit or miss

The way we discover truth, we discover the definite

So photosynthesis, tell me what you think of this

Living life as an autotroph, some would even call it bliss

Drinking light from the sun, a never ending source of fun

Using solar energy, I make my meals, yup every one

as a plant, I don’t need three meals every day

I need a bit of sunlight and I’m on my way

Marvel at how a plant, in one spot can stay

Yet feed itself sustainably, more than us, I’d say.

So tell me this, are the wonders not obvious?

All the mysteries present themselves for us

Exploration, curiosity, that’s what makes us tick

Not satisfied until the concept clicks

Be it Chemistry or Creation

Math or Love

It is all one and the same

It is our universe



150219_aggieangelouspoet_arAbbas Mohamed

Abbas has been writing poetry since he was ten, when he was first inspired by flowing water under a magnificent bridge. This inspiration continued in the beach town of Santa Cruz where he began to write spoken word. There he formed The Verveside Collective (a poetry collective) with fellow poet Asma uz-Zaman. He is currently pursuing his graduate degree at UC Davis, and is also part of the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) UC Davis slam team, which will compete at the CUPSI national spoken word competition this year. Abbas is also organizing the March 12 International Poetry Night where you can go and be marveled by a world full of poetry and culture. You are also urged to sign up and perform, as this event is a reflection of the Davis community and who better than our community poets to represent!


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