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Sacramento fashion week closes out with its fall/winter collection runway show

Designed by Jennifer Wu

Local fashion designers showcase their designs

On Feb. 21 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the California Automobile Museum, the 10th annual Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) closed out with its fall and winter showcase. There were seven featured designers all from the Sacramento area including Maisha Bahati, Ryan Douglas, Karisa Gold, Anastasia Kryukova, Prince Singh, Elena Trotsko and Yennie Zhou.

The events spanning the week of Feb. 15-21 included a Boutique Showcase, a Fashion Forum, Model Boot Camp, a Hair and Makeup Workshop, Emerging Designer Showcase, Spring and Summer Showcase and the Fall and Winter Showcase. According to the SACFW website, the yearly event that began in 2006 was intended to provide a place for the local fashion industry to showcase their work and reach retailers and consumers more effectively.

“[We] produce an upscale quality event with the overall goal to bring more awareness and economic growth to our local fashion industry. We work with local higher education institutions to recruit and develop talent as well provide an avenue for students to learn real-world skills in the various industries that contribute to our event,” the SACFW website says.

Designer Yennie Zhou, who was also the art director for the show this year, chose to use one of the SACFW sponsors’ products, On the Go facial towelettes, to construct her line of clothing featured in the show. She said the process was much different using the On the Go packages rather than cloth.

“Definitely the fabric is easier to handle because this one required a lot of planning. Instead of a fabric store I had to go to Home Depot and Lowes….That means instead of cutting fabric, you know you can get it done in…let’s say 30 minutes,” Zhou said.

Many who attended the event had the opportunity to express their own views of fashion through the outfits they chose to wear. Michelle Gillis, whose husband sponsored the event with On the Go Sports Towels discussed her outfit with us.

“I like to wear something really classic, something like Giorgio Armani. I bought this dress 18 years ago. I don’t know if I’m trendy but I like something classy,” Gillis said.

Anne Batchley, a local artist who does collage, fuse glass and spiritual artwork, attended SACFW after hearing about it from her neighbor.Her outfit for the event included a fuschia dress and a scarf with pink roses. Batchley explains that for her, her outfit represents love and inspiration.

“I think it’s so important to be bold because in this day and age everything is kind of ambiguous, its not stated. It gives you clarity and purpose when you just go out there and go for it,” Batchley said.

Photo Courtesy of Ceejay Willis, SACFW Facebook, Kayla Zola. 

Designed by Jennifer Wu. 


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