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Flick Chick: Please take a break, watch a movie

defazioheadshot_opWeek 10 is here and we are all stuck in a panicked relief, as the dreaded winter quarter comes to an end with more papers, finals, and yes, “midterms.” It’s incredible what one can get done in a day at the end of the quarter. For example, in preparation for the five essays I have due before finals week, I have watched two comedy specials on Netflix and reread a Judy Blume book from my childhood. Hold your applause, please, I know I’m a star student.

Speaking of distractions from my responsibilities, I have completed a lot during this quarter in regards to this column. I do it all for the fans. I have demonstrated the delicate processes that involve watching a movie. The act of sitting down for a few hours of thrills, chills and minor plot spills must be approached with delicacy. As we have covered in the last 10 weeks, where you are, who you are with and on what device you may watch a movie determines how a viewer will receive it.

All I hope is that you, the reader, have learned how to spend the small amount of free time you have on this distinguished campus wisely. That has been my goal since the very beginning. I would hate to know that someone out there is watching a sequel to an already horrible movie, on a blind date, in a friend-of-a-friend’s dorm room sitting on the floor against the bedpost, so that the pain in that particular part of their back will be a reminder in the morning of the heartbreak and boredom that they had to endure just to have a “night out.” That seems like actual hell to me, and my heart goes out to those fallen heroes. With all said and done, I hope I have aided in your assessment of worthwhile movie-watching opportunities, and that you have learned to take care of yourself in this process.

The best way to learn about yourself is to prioritize your comfort in the most casual of settings. Spend your movie time wisely, it’s not often enough that we are able to enjoy two to three hours without breaking into crying hysterics over a midterm grade. Go out for a fun night to see the latest rom-com at the Holiday Theater, see the critically acclaimed film (that none of your friends want to see with you) in between classes at the Varsity, and after your last final, spend the night binge watching all the Austin Powers movies. Take care of the one thing that will hopefully stay with you for long after your college years are over: your well-being and imagination of a world outside the classroom.

My experiences watching films have been learning experiences, humbling journeys or really good stories to tell on “Flick Chick.” Out of all the stories I’ve shared in this column, I have to say that my favorite was going to the movies by myself. I now do it as often as possible, and hope to do so as soon as I’m done writing this final article. I have had my share of experiences, and nothing is better than taking time out for yourself to indulge in the things that matter to you.

The end of the quarter is a daunting and anxious time, so thanks to all of you who have kept up with my columns. What’s most amazing is that I’ve actually been able to complete a well-rounded opinion column about how we can spend our time wisely, when we aren’t studying in our time here at the University of California, Davis, in regards to the films we watch. My time at the Aggie has legitimately helped me, and hopefully you as well, procrastinate even harder.

Have any last minute questions, comments, or desperations for movie recommendations? contact me on twitter (@emdefaz10) or via email (endefazio@ucdavis.edu)

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