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I used to be a good christian woman

I used to be a good christian woman

By Camille Iman Woods

I used to be eve

I used to be mary

or maybe I was delilah


I used to be a rib

I used to be a virgin

or maybe I was a liar


I used to be a piece of a whole

where pregnancy was my purpose


I used to be silent for the men, the public, and the church walls

and politely dressed in the pews.


I used to be subjected to the word of the ordained

but never in robe.


I used to be a good christian woman

but now

I am just good.

God is good.

all the time.

and all the time.

I am Good.

Camille Iman Woods is an undergraduate at UC Davis interested in advances in medicine through the arts. Camille would like to do graduate study in linguistics to examine the impact of Art therapy – poetry, dance, etc. – on the autistic brain and social  interactions. Camille is the creator, editor and facilitator of aggieANGELOUS, UC Davis first poetry column. She loves to laugh and has a newfound love for Afro-Cuban salsa dancing. 



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