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In loving memory of the inclusivity and resilience of Maya Angelou

The Poetry

“Opposite Sex”


salt drops drip

down swollen breast

bloated, un whole

in nature,


empty in

habit. fingers part

lips that do not feel

like mine. they belong

to you and to the

world. that is the very

least that you deserve

of the devotion you

wrap me in. I return

it. unwholesome, soiled.

i’m feeling inside, but

it is foreign, only you can

help navigate, but you

too are lost. to

surrender these dark

canals and caves to you,

or shed light upon them.

I am afraid that when

my eyes open, it won’t

be you.

only rigid parts now

fluid at the thought of






“Opposite Sex”

by Nicole Tran

My name is Nicole Tran and I am a fourth-year English major here at UC Davis. I’m originally from Georgia so I’m a pretty southern girl, but I was raised in Southern California. I am an aspiring filmmaker and photographer, but I also enjoy creative writing and hope to someday combine all of my passions into one wild ride of a career. After graduating this year, I would love to take some time off to write and to focus on personal film and photo projects. When I’m not in class or doing schoolwork I love photography and I love finding new music. I also adore finding new places to eat!



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